🇨🇭 Spiritual Paradoxes in Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland: The coronavirus is probably the largest and most dangerous pandemic in the last 20 years. Although the virus broke out in Wuhan, it has spread so incredibly fast that within 2 months it has taken hold all over the world. Initially, I think most people underestimated the virus, as it was on theContinue reading “🇨🇭 Spiritual Paradoxes in Switzerland”

🇨🇭Waiting it Out in Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland: March, ironically Friday the 13th, the entire school was sent to the assembly hall where we watched the Swiss news, waiting to find out whether the government has decided to close all schools. After watching the government talk about the current situation for ages, we were informed that the government has decided toContinue reading “🇨🇭Waiting it Out in Switzerland”