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Note: your submission may also be posted on the Life in Quarantine page. Let me know if you have any concerns with that.


Please include name, location and, if possible, a photograph of your surroundings.

It would be interesting to hear…

What has been the hardest part about the situation for you?

What are the rules where you live, and when were they put into place?

How often do you leave your house (if at all)?

When do you think the rules will be removed?

How does the situation affect you?

Are you glad to be at home?

Are you bored?

How do you pass time?

How do you do groceries?

Do you have school (if so, does it work well and how do you feel about it)?

Do people follow the rules?

Do you have any advice for others?

Is there anything else that you find interesting/would like to share about your situation?

Sorry, adults: this archive is for teens. If you’re not a teen, check out the Stanford “Life in Quarantine” project!

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