Teen Perspectives from Around the World

The COVID-19 Pandemic Through the Eyes of Teens

History is important. And it is being written each day. Let’s make sure the history of the COVID-19 pandemic includes the perspectives of teens.

The pandemic is being called a defining moment for our generation. Yet until now, most reports have been written from the perspectives of adults. Even descriptions of how the pandemic is affecting teens are generally seen through the eyes of adults.

This website seeks to ensure that the experiences, feelings, and perspectives of teens around the world during this time will be included in the history of the pandemic.

Please share your perspective.

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Adults: If you’d like to share your perspective, check out our affiliate project, Stanford’s Life in Quarantine: Witnessing Global Pandemic.

Global Spotlight:

🇮🇳 Phases of Quarantine

Kanpur, India: Hi, this is Pratham from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh in India. I am presently in my senior year (12th grade) of high school. I aspire to be an entrepreneur and a lawyer and will be appearing for tests like the CLAT and the LSAT in the year 2021. My story in lockdown comprises various…

🇺🇸 Blogging Through Quarantine

Pleasanton, California, USA: The beginning of quarantine was the worst part for me. Netflix became my best friend, and I spent all day staring at some screen. After weeks and weeks of wallowing in self-pity and boredom, I decided to be productive. So after, a few days of minimal planning, I decided to start a…

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