🇨🇦 Life During a Pandemic

Sturgeon Falls, Canada: Living in the small town of Sturgeon Falls during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 has caused me, a young mom, to face many challenges. First, there is a shortage of many necessities at our local stores, especially baby supplies. In addition to crazy mom hormones, another challenge are the many thoughts, fear,Continue reading “🇨🇦 Life During a Pandemic”

🇨🇦 Creativity in Quarantine

Montreal, Canada: I remember in early March at my last ever in-person lecture of the year how tense and confused everybody seemed to be. Was school really going to be shut down? Would I be back in a few days? Never would I have expected that months later I’m still unable to see my friendsContinue reading “🇨🇦 Creativity in Quarantine”