🇦🇺 On the Road to Recovery in Australia

Canberra, Australia: First up, the hardest part for me was school because it was confusing and I was easily distracted. Here in Australia on the 13th of March (a day before my birthday), the Grand Prix in Melbourne was cancelled: this was because gatherings of 500 or more people were called off. After that, moreContinue reading “🇦🇺 On the Road to Recovery in Australia”

🇦🇺 The View from Australia

Melbourne, Australia: In Melbourne it was still before the Easter holidays when schools started shutting down. When schools around Australia did begin shutting down (and mine hadn’t yet), my parents took me out of school anyways. Eventually my school did close and because there were only 5 or so days left until the end ofContinue reading “🇦🇺 The View from Australia”