đŸ‡ŻđŸ‡” Loose Restrictions in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan:

Q1. What has been the hardest part about the situation for you? Basically, I usually hang out with my friends every single weekend or even after school, so I’m just missing my friends.

Q2. What are the rules where you live, and when were they put into place? In Japan, we don’t have any rules like a shelter-in-place order, so I can go anywhere, whenever I want, but I personally think that’s the biggest reason why the coronavirus in Japan has gone away slower than other countries.

Q3. How often do you leave your house (if at all)? Twice or three times in a week.

Q4. When do you think the rules will be removed? Not all restrictions will be removed, but most in September.

Q5. How does the situation affect you? Not too well, I never realised how much time I have on my hands.

Q6. Are you glad to be at home? I am glad to be home, but being home got very boring after the first week.

Q7. Are you bored? Yes I’m bored.

Q8. How do you pass time? Usually by watching movies, Netflix, doing homework, or absorbed in a hobby. Now that the restrictions are not as severe, I’m able to go out with some friends.

Q9. How do you do groceries? I go out with my mum about once a week.

Q10. Do you have school (if so, does it work well and how do you feel about it)? I don’t but I have online sessions and a bunch of assignments.

Q11. Do people follow the rules? Not at all.

Ray M.

6 June 2020

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