🇬🇧 Quaran-teen in London

London, England:

My school rarely closes and in the times it does, it’s great! The last time it closed, that I can recall – before the pandemic – was a snow day at the end of 2018. So, I was doubtful that my high school would be closing anytime soon. So, when it was announced that all schools were mandatorily closing, I hate to say it, but I quite liked it. I mean, who doesn’t like missing school? On the last week of school, I had mocks before my GCSEs, but most of the school weren’t attending due to, mostly, their parents fear. But I think we can presume that some students were using it as a bit of an excuse to miss their exams.

Also, I was supposed to be doing my GCSEs in May, we had finished all the content we had to learn by around Christmas, and we were going to be revising for the rest of the year. But the exams are all cancelled and instead the teachers are going to give us a grade, predicting what we would’ve gotten, based on all of our past tests and work. And, if we aren’t happy with the results, we are able to retake the exams. But more to my point, as we’ve finished all the work already, and there are no exams, I have no schoolwork to do, meaning that I don’t have to use Zoom or anything to have classes, which I am ecstatic about and very, very grateful for.

Now that I am off school, it feels like it’s an early summer holiday for me, as I mean I wasn’t leaving the house all that much either way, the main difference is that I’m being told to stay home, which for me is a win-win. Thankfully these days you can get anything ordered so we’re going to the supermarket as least often as possible. However, it’s only possible as there are workers, trying extra hard to get their goods delivered as fast as possible, which I think I can speak for everyone in that we’re all thankful for them.

Personally, each day has been a meshed together, and only by checking the date I can see that it’s a… Thursday?? I thought it was a Tuesday… wow I’m more out of the cycle than I realised. On the other hand, I plan on doing more things to keep me engaged other than watching TV and playing videogames, which – don’t get me wrong – are great, however, I’m only human, I have my limits.

I’ve been going outside for an hour walk every day, which is the maximum allowed for leisure/exercise as stated by our prime minister. And, it seems like this quarantine has made everyone, suddenly excited to be getting outside and active more, or perhaps the entire nation has a case of cabin fever. However, people seem to be consciously trying social distancing when they can, for example outside pharmacies and stores there and queues, with everyone leaving a gap. And with the pharmacies no one is allowed in, except for the workers and they grab whatever prescription a customer needs and hand it to them at the door. This is outside my bedroom window:

Johnny H.

3 April 2020

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