🇺🇸 Speed-Cubing Through Quarantine

Murrieta, California, USA:

COVID has been really fun for me. I am still bored occasionally, but school keeps me busy, and then it becomes nice to have the luxury of boredom.

I pass time by trying out new things. My family has been watching a lot of movies lately, and I have taken up speed-cubing the Rubik’s Cube. I love programming and so I work on projects. I love to work on Adaboxes, and have learned Python over the quarantine. I’ve also done some small work with WPF and HTML, so that has been fun. I am playing Super Mario Land on the Game Boy, trying to find every little secret and hint in it, so that has been fun. My advice for others in quarantine would be to work on something. Find a hobby that will inspire you to become better. I took up speed-cubing during the quarantine and I have bumped my time down from about a 1:45 to consistently less than 45 seconds. I’m not that good, but I am getting better every day and it gives me something to focus on and destress with.

This situation affects me by keeping me indoors. I had never really thought about myself as someone who likes to stay inside, but COVID kept me inside to the point where I don’t really feel like going outside most of the time. I leave my house and go in the backyard about 3 times a week. I leave the house about 2 times a week on other occasions. I’m not that bad, but I still spend a lot of time indoors. But on the plus side, I am glad to be at home, because I have a loving family and am privileged to have the resources to do things that I am interested in.

I have school and it works weirdly. My teachers don’t feel like they have enough time, and often that means that they assign their students the work that they should have done in class. That doesn’t make sense to me. I applaud teachers for trying to help students learn during this difficult time, but I don’t find this to be the best way for anyone. However, I am still learning the stuff I need to learn and am doing well in my classes, so while I don’t think this virtual and short method of school is the best, it apparently still works.

Nicholas C.

4 January 2021

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