🇺🇸 New Skills in Quarantine

Murrieta, California, USA:

Hello! My name is Kaiya and I am from Murrieta, California. Covid 19 has had many effects on my life. I have been doing school from home since March, I don’t mind it as much as many of the other students across America, but it is a different kind of stressful!

One of the hardest things to deal with during online school is internet connection problems. It is often hard for me to get onto classes and when I do I often get kicked off. I rarely leave my house other than to go to stores or to see the limited family that I am seeing.

I have not been bored, in fact, most of the quarantine I have been busy. I started a Youtube channel at the beginning of quarantine in March and I have grown to 38 subscribers!

Overall, school has had its ups and downs, but ultimately it has been fine! Online school has just taken adjustment and determination. To everybody going through this my advice is to find something new to try, for me it was Youtube, now I have learned new skills in editing and filming videos that have helped me inside and outside of school! So my advice would be to find something new to learn to keep you busy and motivated to work hard.

Kaiya A.

7 December 2020

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