๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ Easing into Quarantine

Murrieta, California, USA:

Quarantine has been, needless to say, a weird learning experience for all of us including me. The hardest part of the situation was adapting to a new style of living solely from home which was tough for me especially because I never really realized how much I rely on after-school activities and social interactions. I devoted all my time to a strange system of schooling towards March of this year to finish my sophomore year and motivation was hard to keep without actually going to school. Ever since March, where I live at least, it has been discouraged from going outside in areas of lots of social contact without wearing at least a mask. I tend to only leave my house when going on the occasional run (to replace the multiple sports I used to play on teams) and going on errands with my parents. We used to be very careful about groceries with gloves and such but now have relaxed down to just a mask as is recommended by experts. I was incredibly bored throughout the entire experience and it was hard finding things to do in my own home but I’ve managed find many things like drawing, watching movies, learning a new language, etc. I try to talk to my friends through different methods everyday and the rare occasion we see each other face-to-face we still adhere to rules as best we can. Motivation for school is something I still struggle with but has been becoming easier. In conclusion, my quarantine experience started off rather harsh due to the sudden changes, but I have been able to ease into it and I hope everything is back to normal in early 2021.

Cyrus M.

15 November 2020

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