🇺🇸 APs and Video Games

Murrieta, California, USA:

Quarantine has been an interesting experience for me. At first I thought it would only last like a month at first and then everything would go back to normal. School was weird because my school offered distance learning as an optional assignment and there was no interaction with other teachers or students. The only incentive was a letter grade boost if we did 90% of assignments so I did distance learning for some of my harder AP classes I had B’s in. This went on for the first few months like March, April, May. Then I had my AP test for English Language Composition and European History. These tests were going to be very different from other years and taken at home. They were also shorter and covered less material. I spent a lot of May preparing for them and it was a relief to get them done with. After school ended in around June there was not much to do until it started up again in mid-August. I could not really hang out with friends so I just sat at home and played video games with my friends so I could get at least some social interaction. This went on until August. I played video games, cleaned up around the house, talked with neighbors, and prepared for school. Overall I was pretty bored and didn’t like being stuck in the house even though I knew it was necessary.


28 October 2020

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