🇮🇹 Keeping a Positive Mindset

South Tyrol, Italy:

Let’s start right from the beginning. Everything was as usual when more and more people
started talking about a virus that came from China. More and more photos and videos went
through the net with information and articles. It was the beginning of March and me and my friends were planning to go to a party on that weekend. Suddenly there were more articles in local newspapers and news sites and it was all about this one topic. Also at school the teachers were talking about safety measures. To be honest, I took it easy and never imagined that it would ever come to this point. But soon I noticed how serious the situation seemed to be.

On March 4th I was sitting in the train when I heard from my school friends and news that
our school should also close until March 16th. On the train sat a few people of my age and I heard how many of them were happy about it. Everyone was talking only about the virus. I needed time to realize this and still could not believe the situation. Only a few days later
the measures became more intense and soon you were not allowed to leave your own
house. Since then we are all in quarantine and you are only allowed to go out for shopping
or emergencies.

Our teachers do their best to carry on our lessons anyway. It is not easy because not all
teachers can handle the digital age. After a month of quarantine, I have actually gotten
pretty used to this way of teaching. In general, I think that you can take a lot with you from
this time. You learn time management and how to do tasks independently. Also you
suddenly have time for things you never thought about or time for yourself.

I think, if everyone goes through this time with a positive mindset, it will be easier and you
can look forward to enjoy the beautiful weather with your friends in future. I believe that
we could master the situation well together.

So here we go towards an even more beautiful and appreciated time after this crisis.
Love from Italy!


11 April 2020

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