🇮🇳 The View from a Hotspot

Chennai, India:

This global pandemic has affected the world in many ways. Our country has been under lockdown since mid-March and it was a necessary action. However, I still see a lot of people ignore the rules. The hardest part about this lockdown, personally, has been not being able to meet my friends and also shifting of normal to online school. I’m not bored though, I spend most of my time completing assignments, watching Korean drama, reading, cooking and drawing.

During this period, I have realized how privileged I am because I see a lot of people struggling with financial problems. I hope their problems end soon. However, I read a lot of positive articles about how the earth is healing. That makes me very happy. However, certain things like fake WhatsApp forwards and the fact that my grandparents believe in them as if they are the words of the oracle is very irritating.

My city, being one of the hotspots with over 1000+ new cases everyday, might not restart soon but I know that it will all be fine after some time. We just have to hope for the best. Honestly, the only good part about the year 2020 are the memes on the year 2020.

I hope this crisis is averted soon. I hope everyone stays healthy and blessed.

Dishaa D.

1 June 2020

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