🇺🇸 Pennsylvania Perspective

Pennsylvania, USA:

At first, I was excited to have 2 weeks off of school. Eventually, as the quarantine was extended and the infection rate went up, that wore off. The hardest part for me has been being separated from parts of my family. I also enjoyed going to public places and food shopping. Currently, all “non essential” businesses have been shut down and travel is extremely limited. I go outside of the house to do grocery runs and practice driving. I think the rules should have been lifted in stages starting a week or so ago, however I’m guessing they won’t be lifted until September or October. I get bored at points but I’ll combat that by watching The Office and rewatching old football games. I do have school online, which isn’t so bad. I do like sleeping in, but the workload is fairly difficult. Most people have bought into the “rules” put into place. My advice to others is don’t give up constitutional rights for the illusion of safety and to do research into COVID19 instead of believing everything on the news.

Soren M.

23 May 2020

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