🇨🇭Waiting it Out in Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland:

March, ironically Friday the 13th, the entire school was sent to the assembly hall where we watched the Swiss news, waiting to find out whether the government has decided to close all schools. After watching the government talk about the current situation for ages, we were informed that the government has decided to close all schools until further notice. My first thought was- no boarding school food for a month and I was actually quite excited. 

We ran into our dorms and packed everything we could, without a clue of what will happen in the future, everything was very rushed. We all went home and the first few days were very easy going. I was able to see my friends every day and also studied with them, until the virus had gotten massively worse and before we knew it, we weren’t allowed to go outside anymore- only for food shopping. All the restaurants and shops had closed and the city felt like a ghost town. 

In the beginning of quarantine it was an extreme change, especially now that our online classes on team have officially started. I had to get used to looking after my brother, not being around my friends, because we practically live together and to not going on my phone every time I had nothing to do. 

Although this was all very new at start, there are many pros as well like seeing my family, sleeping in my own bed, doing open-book exams and having more time to do sport, but then there a lot of cons like being on the phone a lot and being a bit of a couch potato. Now I’ve almost been a month in quarantine and the virus hasn’t calmed down, its almost getting worse. Hospitals are full, there no masks nor toilet paper left in the stores and hospitals are running out ventilators. The borders have been closed, all flights cancelled and the population has no clue how long this will take and when the virus will get away. Hopefully soon, so we can go back to our normal life…For now I’m just enjoying being at home.

Sophie H.

6 April 2020

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