🇹🇼 14 Days in Taiwan

Hsinchu, Taiwan:

Generally, my experience of a 14-day quarantine was pretty good. Minecraft and puzzles did help a lot. We, people who traveled back to Taiwan (I was coming back from the U.S.), have been ordered by our government to stay at home or at a hotel for 14 days.

During these 14 days, our local government would send us a pack. The contents of the pack are dependent on the city you choose to stay in. For instance, the pack I have received is pretty good. It has a thermometer, three bags of instant noodles, a box of curry cube, several cans, and a drink.  Also, we had to record and report our health every day in those 14 days.

After the quarantine, I can finally see sunlight (just kidding, I can see it every morning). As usual, most of the stores are running, but fewer people come to visit. Almost everyone is wearing a mask and everyone is 1.5 meters (about 4 ft) apart from each other since our government wants to prepare for another wave of mass-infection.

Thomas W.

6 April 2020

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