🇲🇽 Taking Precautions

Matehuala, San Luis Potosí, México:

Today we are experiencing a crisis, which affects all human being. Of course in some places it has not yet arrived, but it is only a matter of time before it does. In my municipality Matehuala, San Luis Potosí, Mexico, no cases have been reported, but measures have been implemented for the prevention of infections, which seems perfect to me.

The part that has been most difficult for me is staying at home without being able to do anything, without going to school, not hanging out with my friends, etc. I am so used to being outside with more people that I find it very boring and difficult, but I know that I have to be responsible and follow instructions to avoid infection and most importantly not to infect adults or children under 5 years, who can suffer the consequences more since their defenses are not equal to those of a 16-year-old. Over the days, more and more rules have been implemented, such as keeping a certain distance between people, not leaving the house if it is not necessary, not having contact with other people, using antibacterial gel and washing hands; these are rules that are preventive and beneficial for our health.

I have never experienced something like this before, but I think that being in quarantine with my family, supporting each other, talking and living together, motivates me to keep going and my state of mind does not decline because I am happy to live with each one of them, since most of the time they work to support our family. Most of the time I am doing homework. Due to the fact that they suspended school activities, teachers send homework through social networks and this makes it easier for us as students.

My parents are in charge of doing the home shopping and supplying the pantry, they always carry an antibacterial gel with them to prevent contagion and they buy only what is necessary, since they think of others and do not make excessive purchases.

Many of the people in my municipality do not follow the rules, they pretend nothing is happening and I consider it a lack of respect and values; people keep leaving their houses, they go for a walk in the park and consume street products such as tacos, pizza and other types of food, without taking into account that we are in quarantine, they think it is a vacation when in reality it is a very delicate matter.

My personal advice would be that together as people we abide by the rules to end this pandemic soon, take care of ourselves and those we love, be aware of what is happening and take adequate precautions so that we do not have to suffer the consequences.

These are some measures that have been taken on the part of businesses that are still open:

Efrain Raymundo T.

5 April 2020

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