🇮🇱 בידוד in Israel

Today I had the chance to talk with a student from Israel. I’ve formatted and edited our conversation below.

What’s the official term for your quarantine?

In Hebrew it’s called בידוד.

When did your quarantine start, and what does it mean for you?

It started about 10 days ago. You’re only allowed to walk your dog and exercise 100 meters from your house.

How often does that mean you leave your house?

I don’t. I’ve only been out once so far.

What is the experience like for you?

It’s nuts – I’m going crazy. I call to my friends to pass time, but I’m bored anyways.

Do you have school? How does it work and what do you think of it?

I have online school, but it’s not strict at all. No one actually does it (and I haven’t done any work since it started).

Do you think you’ll go back to in person school before the end of the year?

I think I will (or at least I hope so).

How do things in the US look from Israel?

People need to start taking it way more seriously. You mentioned that people near your house are often not practicing correct social distancing; that’s exactly why the virus is spreading so quickly.


1 April 2020

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